How to Draw 2024 Bundle


Learn how to draw step by step from scratch!

This online course bundle features 5 exciting drawing & sketching courses (over 130 lessons, altogether 20+ hours of video materials + PDFs) worth of $150 content for just $29.97.

Tamas, the creator was passionate about developing a full-scale learning material to teach absolute beginners all the fundamentals of drawing in an easy-to-follow fashion. He explains every little aspect of drawing basics that artists should know. By following along the exercises and the assignments, you'll gain confidence at drawing minute by minute. You may be able to draw only stick figures today, but it can change dramatically in a few days.

The great thing is that you don't really need a formal education to get started with drawing. If you feel inspirational by seeing some great artworks, now it's time to prove yourself that you can make it too.

Learning to draw can grow you in many different ways. Your creativity will definitely get a boost because drawing activates certain areas in your brain that you don't usually use in your everyday life. Drawing is also a great relaxing and recharging activity that you might appreciate in these times. And the top of that it's so entertaining. Tamas' intention was to give you something more than just a set of new skills.

During this series you'll start by learning the very basics like how to hold the pencil and draw all kinds of simple shapes and forms. Then you'll understand how 3-dimensionality or perspective works, and how shadows play an important role in the quality of your final sketches. By the end you'll be ready to draw anything you like and believe it or not even a full portraiture about your beloved one.

During the courses you'll be drawing and sketching with a simple graphite pencil mostly. So, you don't need any special drawing tool to achieve your goals.

What's in the Bundle?

  • Ep. 1 - Basic Drawing Skills & Sketching (3h 28min)
  • Ep. 2 - Perspective 3-D Drawing (5h 37min)
  • Ep. 3 - Shadow Basics & Shadow Drawing Exercises (2h 51min)
  • Ep. 4 - Portrait Drawing 101 (5h 23min)
  • Bonus: Digital Drawing & Painting on the iPad with Procreate (3h 11min)

Episode 1: Basic Drawing Skills & Sketching

Learn to draw & sketch - drawing basics for beginners with exciting 3D sketching exercises to develop your basic drawing skills.

  • introduction to drawing, tools you need, how to hold the pencil
  • how to see the world with the eyes of the artist
  • basic drawing skills: lines, shapes, curves, simple 3-d objects
  • sketching various simple real-life subjects

How to draw a chair proportionally right

Episode 2: Perspective 3-D Drawing

Understand volumes, depth & space - step by step guide on how to draw believable 3-d forms by using perspective drawing.

  • how to recognize the 3D structure of different subjects
  • perspective drawing basics (projection types, 1-point, 2-point, 3-point, 5-point perspectives)
  • basic building blocks (the cube, the cylinder, the sphere, the cone & the pyramid)
  • transformation exercises (P letter in 3-d, coffee cup handle, glass-like forms, banana from different angles)
  • sketching complete subjects in 3-d

Coffee cup in 3-d with construction lines

Episode 3: Shading Basics & Shadow Drawing Exercises

Understand light & shadow - create depth, add realism, the illusion of 3-d to your sketches by shading

  • light & shadow (the value scale, direction of light, lighting setup, how to assign values to surfaces)
  • the cast shadow
  • cast shadow of curved volumes
  • the form shadow & the light side
  • human figure shading studies (with graphite pencil, charcoal, marker, color pencils)

How to shade a 3-d figure

Episode 4: Portrait Drawing 101

Step by step instructions on how to draw an engaging portrait - impress your friends & family with your drawing!

  • how to draw the head from any angle
  • proportions of the head
  • the planes of the head
  • how shadows are created on the face
  • how to draw the eyes, the nose, the ears, the lips
  • a full pencil portrait from scratch
    • analyze the face
    • draw construction lines
    • the shading process

How to draw a portrait with a simple pencil

Bonus Episode: Digital Drawing & Painting on the iPad with Procreate

Learn to use Procreate on the iPad (Pro, Air, Mini) with the Apple Pencil. This is one of the most popular digital drawing and painting tools. Step by step guide in 3+1 hands-on style digital art projects for those of you who are interested in digital drawing tools.

  • how to install Procreate on the iPad
  • imaginary children book cover project
  • low poly bird design
  • how to create an animation in Procreate
  • Procreate 5X - all new features


Some of the 5-star reviews from Tamas' satisfied students...

"This is an absolute treat for beginners. Tutor is beautifully explaining drawing concepts. Highly recommended!" - Hamna

"This is my 4th drawing course and by far the best! I have a BFA and have learned more basics with this instructor than in 3 college drawing classes. His instruction is at the perfect pace and he covers “actually” how to draw. I absolutely recommend this course if you really want to advance in your drawing skills." - Angela S.

"Perfect match. My drawing skills are improving minute by minute as I'm watching the course. Great experience, great value!" - Janos G.

"My name is Eyal, I'm 9 years old. I like the steps how you do it and I like the way you teach. Thank you. I hope you will see my comment. Best, Eyal"

"I just wanted to share how much I love Tamas’ style of teaching! For people like me, who start drawing/painting later in life and have eye, taste and good judgment but no mileage in expressing brain signal through hand, this approach to understanding the rules and secrets is indispensable. Learning platforms offer access to teachers with different approach to the subject and when you find a teacher who is offering the exact knowledge you are looking for, and at exact level of technicality (not too difficult, not too simplistic) - it is so exciting! Love the multiple Assignments included in the Resources! - such a great style to learn well! Thank you, Tamas!" - Vesta D.

"This course is indeed very informative. It contains theory, practice, tips and much more exciting stuff. I'm glad to be a part of it." - Karthik

"Was bored and took this class. As result I am fascinated on sketching now. Tamas really knows his audience and is excellent in what he is showing to beginners, something that I rarely have seen. A solid 5/5!" - Gjon B.

"Brilliant course. Very patient instructor. Clear examples. Beautiful shading techniques. Thank you, really enjoyable!" - Ruth F.

"I loved the course! Drawing human faces was always my weak area. This course helped me overcome the challenge. Each point is explained very clearly and the end result of the portrait was very satisfying." - Meghana G.

"Great at drawing but also explaining/teaching. One of the best educations I have ever taken. Thank you for the valuable information!" - Recep C.

"A great reference for a lot of artists. I feel like my drawing skills have grown exponentially after taking this class." - Jason D.

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