How to Draw Ep. 2 - Perspective 3D Drawing Course


Understand Volumes, Depth & Space - A Step by Step Guide on How to Draw Believable 3D Forms Using Perspective Drawing

Level: Beginner
Duration: 5h 30min
Price: $9.97

This is the 2nd episode of my How to Draw series.

In this video course you can learn to recognize the 3-D structure of real-life subjects, start to feel their volumes, learn the rules of perspective, and be able to actually draw your favorite subjects in 3D. If you’d like to create the illusion of depth on the 2-dimensional paper and make your drawings and sketches more believable to the viewer, this Perspective 3D Drawing course is for you.

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Who is this course for?

  • beginner at drawing/sketching
  • who’d like to learn 3D sketching & drawing


  • no previous drawing knowledge is necessary, however it’s useful to have some basic drawing skills
  • you don’t need special drawing tools to begin the course
  • if you have a simple graphite pencil or a pen with some office papers, you can start learning

Course Content

Day 1 – How to See Volumes?

How to recognize the 3D structure of

  • a blocky subject – a classic arch
  • rounded forms – a glass of wine
  • a human figure – a yoga pose
  • more complex, organic forms – the lips

Learn about construction lines.

Day 1 – Assignment: analyze the 3D structure of a windmill, and make a sketch about it

Day 2 – Perspective Drawing Basics

  • Projection in visual perception
  • Graphical projection types
  • 3D isometric projection
  • 2D multi-view projection
  • Perspective projections
  • 1-point perspective
  • 2-point perspective
  • 3-point perspective
  • 5-point perspective
  • Day 2 – Assignment: practicing perspectives

Day 3 – Basic Building Blocks

  • The cube
  • The cylinder
  • The sphere
  • The cone
  • The pyramid
  • Day 3 – Assignment: draw simple 3-D shapes in a 2-point perspective grid

Day 4 – Transformations

  • Draw a P letter in 3D
  • How to draw a coffee cup handle step by step
  • How to draw rounded glass-like forms
  • How to draw a donut shape
  • How to draw a complex 3D form, the banana in different angles
  • Day 4 – Assignment: imagine you’re drawing

Day 5 – Let’s do some sketching

  • Make a sketch about a camera in 3D
  • Make a sketch about a coffee cup with a spoon in 3D
  • Day 5 – Assignment: 3D sketching about your favorite subject

If you’d like to take your drawing skills to the next level, enroll in this course now!

See you in my Drawing & Sketching in 3D course!


Some of the 5-star reviews from Tamas' satisfied students...

"Brilliant course. Very patient instructor. Clear examples. Beautiful shading techniques. Thank you, really enjoyable!" - Ruth F.

"Very informative and the lessons provided kept my interest. I highly recommend this course for all levels of drawing." - Darlene P.

"Very well instructed by thoroughly explaining where to draw the lines, and, just as important, why!" - Burton L.

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How to Draw Ep. 2 - Perspective 3D Drawing Course

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