How to Draw Ep. 3 - Shading Basics Course


Understand Light & Shadow Drawing Course - Create Depth, Realism, the Illusion of 3D on Your Sketches by Shading.

Level: Beginner.
Duration: 2h 50min
Price: $9.97

This is the 3rd episode of my How to Draw 101 series.

In this video course you can learn one of the most exciting and rewarding drawing skills called shading or rendering. If you’d like to make your drawings or sketches more believable to the viewer by creating the illusion of reality, this Shading Basics course is for you.

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Who is this course for?

  • beginner at drawing/sketching
  • who’d like to understand how light & shadow work


  • no previous drawing knowledge is necessary, however it’s useful to have some basic drawing skills
  • you don’t need special drawing tools to begin the course
  • if you have a simple graphite pencil or a pen with some office papers, you can start learning

Course Content

Day 1 – Light & Shadow

  • Value change equals form change
  • Pencil grades
  • The value scale
  • Some shading techniques
  • Light & Shadow
  • Direction of Light
  • The ideal lighting setup
  • The “1-2-3 read” concept
  • How to assign values to surfaces
  • Day 1 Assignment: basic shading exercise

Day 2 – The Cast Shadow

  • What is cast shadow?
  • The cast shadow of a stick
  • Quick perspective drawing overview
  • The cast shadow of the cube
  • Sunlight & local light scenario
  • The line of termination
  • Cast shadow of a complex planar form
  • Day 2 Assignment: cast shadow construction drawing exercise

Day 3 – Curved Volumes

  • The cast shadow of the cylinder
  • The occlusion shadow
  • The cast shadow of the cone
  • Hard & Soft shadow edges
  • The cast shadow of the sphere
  • Different lighting setups for the sphere (top light, back light, side light)
  • Day 3 Assignment: cast shadow construction and realistic shading exercise

Day 4 – The Form Shadow & the Light Side

  • The core shadow
  • How to shade the light side
  • Shadow cast on other objects
  • How to shade concave surfaces
  • Shading a hollow brick shape
  • Shading a sphere with inward curve
  • Realistic shading of a coffee mug
  • Blending values
  • The background value
  • More shading techniques
  • Day 4 Assignment: all kinds of shading exercises

Day 5 – Figure Shading Studies

  • Putting it all together
  • Plan your shadow pattern
  • Shading with graphite pencil
  • Shading with charcoal pencils on colored paper
  • Shading with dye inks/marker
  • Shading with color pencils
  • Day 5 Assignment: create your own shaded figure

If you’d like to take your drawing skills to the next level, enroll in this course now!


Some of the 5-star reviews from Tamas' satisfied students...

"Everything I needed to get started in drawing. The instructor's relaxed easy-going style was very helpful." - Michael P.

"I just wanted to share how much I love Tamas’ style of teaching! For people like me, who start drawing/painting later in life and have eye, taste and good judgment but no mileage in expressing brain signal through hand, this approach to understanding the rules and secrets is indispensable. Learning platforms offer access to teachers with different approach to the subject and when you find a teacher who is offering the exact knowledge you are looking for, and at exact level of technicality (not too difficult, not too simplistic) - it is so exciting! Love the multiple Assignments included in the Resources! - such a great style to learn well! Thank you, Tamas!" - Vesta D.

"This is gold :D" - Maymoona

"I was struggling with shading and shadows. I loved to see how others draw, but I wasn't able to draw like them. My drawings looked like flat. Watched lots of tutorials and courses. I didn't connect with those. When I saw this course, this one really helped me a lot. Now, I'm confident. Feel like I am able to shade my drawings. What are the things I liked in this course? There is no need for different types of pencils and tools at all. One pencil enough. I learned how to set up lightings and how cast shadow work for different lights. The "1-2-3 read" concept was new to me. This one is really cool. Love you brother, this course really helped and motivated me. You solved my doubts at drawing. Thank you." - Aravinth

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How to Draw Ep. 3 - Shading Basics Course

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